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The Logistics Services Company

Local and Overseas

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The Client

WiftRello is a relocation specialist for both the local and overseas market. The company ships household items and personal belongings worldwide.


WiftRello asked for a website to introduce their services online to boost their international image. In addition, the company wished that the website could reduce their administrative workload, e.g. host the copies of shipping documents and handle customer enquires.

Adopted Solution

A static HTML website was adopted for WiftRello. Stock photos were chosen to be placed on the website to reduce cost.

To reduce their administrative workload, a download page was created to host essential shipping documents for clients. An online quotation form was also constructed to handle online quotation enquiries. Also, a FAQ page has been constructed as a reference of the frequently asked questions.


WiftRello felt great with the website and appreciated the substantially reduced workload with the new website.