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The Manufacturing Company

Production Line Services

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The Client

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Koulic provides production line for non-ferrous alloy casting, surface finishing and equipment manufacturing in the automotive industry and household appliance industry.

The company has a rapid development in China. The company hoped to build a website which can help promote the company and enhance its corporate identity in China.


Koulic asked for a website which can cater for their business in Hong Kong, China and foreign countries.

The company would update the website occasionally, e.g. update news and products information, but they do not want these operations to be handled by their staff.

Adopted Solution

A bilingual website was developed for the company in PHP. With English and Simplified Chinese language, the website can fit their target market at an optimized effort. In addition, the PHP backend was suitable for managing additional contents, such as the products and partners of the company.


Koulic was very satisfied with the website design, website development, and content updating services provided by us.