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The Procurement Services Company

Global Solutions

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The Client

Procurement Services Quarter is local company in providing global procurement solutions. They are closely involved in a wide range of clients across different industries, such as retailing, corporate and hospitality.

The previous website of the company was hard to navigate, combined with an old-fashioned design and coding, i.e. full of tables tag and inline style in code. The owner of the company wanted to revamp their website for a better design and an enhanced brand image.


Procurement Services Quarter was looking for ways to present the website content in an organized manner. The company would not have frequent updates on the website and therefore wanted the website to cost lower.

Adopted Solution
The static HTML was adopted to develop the website, tailored for their budget and infrequent updates. Also, the website contents were organized and presented with different charts and list styles in a matching color theme. The originally dull contents became effortless to read through.


Procurement Services Quarter is satisfied with the website and the budget.