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The Retail Fashion Company

Stylish and Affordable

iPad Landscape

The Client

Founded by local designers, Flee Zachinee is known for its stylish and affordable fashion. The company was which. The company has their own in-house designers to design with the heart of “bringing new fashion”.

The company already had retail stores as their distribution channels, but they want to create an online presence for their brand.


Flee Zachinee requested to have a minimalist design to update their products’ information and photos in the website.

Adopted Solution

A minimalist black-and-white design, PHP backend website was developed for the client. To increase the user friendliness for their staff, the PHP backend allowed new products to be added to the website effortlessly. Also, for the visitors, they can navigate the website and browse different products comfortably.


Flee Zachinee loved the design. With the black-and-white design, they felt that their products can markedly stand out from the background.