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The Retail Hardware Company

Promotional Website


The Client

The Client is a retail distributor of a hardware and software brand. They would like to launch a campaign to promote one of their latest products. The website also required some search engine appearance for this campaign.

Adopted Solution

A single-page, one-page WordPress landing page setup has been used for this project. The promotional content is condensed into one page which only key / core messages would be delivered to the visitors.

The landing page also included a subscription form which visitors would fill and submit if they are interested.

List of Features

  • One-Page Website and Landing Page
  • Search Engine Keyword Optimization
  • Enquiry Form
  • Responsive Website Design for Mobile and Tablet Devices


The campaign was an online campaign together with offline leaflet promotions. There were some amount of submissions and enquiries and the result was satisfactory.

In addition, within one month time, the website could be found on the first page of Google search engine for some relevant keywords, meaning that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance was successful.