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Why go mobile?

Today, everyone uses smartphones and tablets in every single moment, no matter they are indoor or outdoor, travelling on vehicles or walking on the road, working or having rest. People also uses mobile phones or mobile devices for their information needs. They search for keywords around them, access promotion codes, scan QR codes, research products and compare prices or even make a order using the device.

Growing adaptation of mobile devices

According to a research by Google Inc (2012), 35% of Hong Kong people use smart phones, which ranked the third in the world. Undeniably, smartphones becomes a necessity in living. Companies ranging from small company, small-and-medium enterprises to large enterprises are adjusting their online business to meet the changing trends.

Mobile Considerations

Although companies may have already build their websites long ago, there is a huge different between the traditional websites and a mobile website. A mobile website has a reduced screen size and browsers are having limited capabilities. Firstly, mobile websites have to be optimized in various display sizes. Also, some devices (e.g. iPhone) does not support Flash, which is a technology commonly used on websites.

Mobile Solutions

Intermedia Studio offers mobile website design and development services which meets the fast-growing trend. We have conducted some research the key elements to develop websites which are mobile-friendly. If you are interested in building your website which is  “cross-platform, cross-media, cross-device”, please contact us, we are more than happy to provide you with assistance.