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Adding a FAQ section for time saving

Clients or prospects, if they are interested in your products / services, may have lots of questions which they would like to ask you. Creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section in your website saves both your time as well as the time of the users.

Making customer services more efficient

Customer services require heavy manpower and involves high costs, which is directly proportional to the responsiveness of the service. When FAQs are put on websites in a well-organized manner, customers would be able to search for their answers in a short time, facilitating the process as a win-win for both the company and the customer. After all,  issues which are more urgent and important can be prioritized higher and can be handled by the customer services.

Creating your database for FAQs

From time to time, you can summarize the inquiries from customers and organize them. You will find what customers are interested to know about. In customers services, staff can also refer to the same database in answering inquiries. This would create content consistency in different channels and hence reduce information confusion.

Helping to promote

Yes, FAQs can help to promote. In the page you can state out the what your products is and what is different from other company’s product. This would definitely help to differentiate and help to raise out your competitive advantage of your company. Anyway, the main objective should be helping customers, try not to hardsell too much.